Maintenance & Insurance Areas of Responsibility

A=Association    O=Owner


1.  Exterior Stucco Walls                                        A   Repair, paint, caulk

2.  Gutters & Downspouts                                       O   Repair, replace, paint, caulk, clean

3.  Roofs, Fascia,Flashing, Decking, Scuppers   O   Repair, replace

4.  Patio Walls                                                           A   Repair, replace

5.  Patio Walls Interior Surface                             O   Repair, replace

6.  Unit Interior Wall Sheetrock & Finish           O  Repair, replace

7.  Unit Fixtures & Finishes                                    O  Appliances, cabinets, plumbing fixtures
                                      O  Floor coverings, window treatments

8.  Entrance, Garage and Security Doors             O  Repair/replace door, casing and locks,  caulk, flash,

                                                                                      exterior trim

9.  Windows & Screens                                            O  Repair, replace, trim, caulk and flash.


10.Utilities                                                                 A Common area

                                                                                      O  items that solely service one unit.

11. Balconies, Patios and Awnings                       O   Repair, replace, paint, maintain
12. Insect Termites & Pest Control                     O  Entire Unit
13. Water & Smoke Damage                                 O  Damage to unit from unit or neighbor

14. Fireplace & Chimney                                       O  Clean, repair, maintain & replace.

15. Common Area Trees & Plants                       A   Maintenance, removal, replace

16. Trees & Plants inside Patio                            O   Maintenance, removal, replace

17. Pool, Deck, Furniture & Equipment              A   Maintenance, repair, replace, remodel

18. Gates                                                                    A   Common areas

                                                                                     O  Individual units

19. Lights and Fixtures                                           A in common area

                                                                                      O  on and inside unit


A. Does the repair affect less than all of the units?- ARS 33-1255(C)(2)Unless otherwise provided for in the declaration, any common expense or common expense benefiting fewer than all of the units shall be assessed exclusively against the units benefited

B. Does the repair result from Homeowner  negligence? - An apartment unit owner shall be liable for the expense of any maintenance, repair or replacement rendered necessary by his act, neglect or carelessness or by that of any member of his family or his or their guests, employees, agents, or lessees, but only to the extent that such expense is not met by the proceeds of insurance carried by the Association.  Such liability shall include any increase in fire insurance rates occasioned by use, misuse, occupancy or abandonment of an apartment unit or its appurtenances or the common elements

C. Insurance - The Association insurance covers the common elements and those parts of the buildings for which it is responsible.  Each individual should obtain a homeowners policy to cover casualty, theft and property damage within the surrounds of his/her own cubic space. The master  insurance hazard policy  provides coverage under a bare walls form, which is what our CC&R’s call for.  This means, in the event of loss or damage to your building, the association's policy  will not pay to repair or replace items that are a part of a unit’s interior property. These items include­ but are not limited to: appliances, cabinetry, fixtures, floor covering, wall covering, ceiling fixtures, personal possessions and damage from water. Furthermore, these items excluded in the bare walls coverage form of the master policy, can and should be added to your personal condominium insurance policy under additions and alterations. A Personal Condominium Insurance Policy is needed not only for your own property but also to protect you from damage you may cause to an adjoining condo, (one example maybe a water leak in your home that seeps into an adjoining condo.  Please contact your agent or contact our Insurance agent for details and cost:    


Please Notify your Personal Condominium Insurance Agent to add 747 East Bethany Home Road Association as a person of interest” or “additional insured”. They will then have to notify our Association when you obtain or cancel your personal insurance policy.