747 East Bethany Home Road Association

P. 0. Box 7359

Phoenix, AZ 85011

Jan 28, 2008

Dear Homeowner,

This letter is to inform homeowners of the new late fees to be levied on those who do not pay their Association Homeowner Dues on time. If you pay your dues on time, these new late fees will not affect you.

Paying your monthly homeowners dues on time is a legal obligation you assumed when you bought a unit in the complex...the same as your mortgage payment, your utility bills, your car payments, etc. Our dues go to pay for landscapers, pool maintenance, water/sewer bills, trash collection, exterminating services, insurance and repairs. Those bills have to be paid on time. It is unfair to transfer your fudicial responsibilities onto those others who pay their dues on time.

Dues are due on the 1st of each month and are delinquent if not received by the 10th of that month. Those who are delinquent are subject to late fees.

 The new late fees are $15 dollars per month

Also if a homeowner falls 3 months in arrears on their dues, the Homeowners Association will file a lien on their property. Costs of filing and releasing liens will be added to the homeowner’s debt.

Please file this letter with your homeowner papers. Thank you.

The 747EBHRA Board of Directors

Marie Martel, Secretary