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Thanksgiving Week – Friday -November 23, 2018  …….  No Collection

                                      Saturday - November 24, 2018  …. Rescheduled  Collection Date


Christmas Week    -   Tuesday –December 25, 2018  …….No Collection

                                     Wednesday – December 26, 2018   .Rescheduled  Collection Date

                                      Friday – December 28, 2018……   No Collection

                                      Saturday- December 29, 2018….    Rescheduled Collection Date


New Years Week   -    Tuesday – January 1, 2019  ……… No Collection

                                     Wednesday – January 2, 2019  … ...Rescheduled  Collection Date

                                      Friday – January 4, 2019  …………No Collection

                                      Saturday – January 5, 2019  … ….. Rescheduled  Collection Date





Does all of my trash need to be in the residential collection container or can I place large objects on the ground next to the container?

Since our system is fully automated, all trash must be placed in the residential collection container for pickup on your service day. The lids on all containers must be closed in order for Waste Management to properly collect all trash.

How far does my container need to be from any obstructions?

Please place your trash container at least four feet from any obstructions such as a parked vehicle, mailbox, etc. It must also be within one foot of the curbside.

Where should the handle of the container face – towards the street or towards the residence?

In order to utilize our fleet’s automated system, please position the trash container so that the handle side is facing the curb.

What time does my trash container need to be positioned by the curb?

Please have your trash container out by the curb no later than 6 a.m. on the day of your scheduled service. You may find it more convenient to roll the container out the night before your service day.

What can't I put in my residential container?

The following items can not be placed in a residential container:




.                  All trash and garbage must be kept INSIDE the patio area or garage until the evening before collection day (Tuesday & Friday.).  Receptacles should be promptly removed from

view of the common area after pickup.  Trash cans may NOT be stored in carports