If you feel you have an insurance claim you should contact the HOA and your personal condo insurance provider. The Association hazard insurance policy is meant to be a catastrophic insurance policy. Claims against the HOA master policy can only be submitted through the HOA, therefore if you have a claim you need to contact the HOA at 602.266.5581 or 602.463.9347.


If a claim is instituted for your condo through the HOA Master Policy you will be responsible for the $1000 deductible and any amounts the HOA policy will not cover.



The Association insurance covers the common elements and those parts of the buildings for which it is responsible.  Each individual should obtain a personal condo policy to cover casualty, theft and property damage within the surrounds of his/her own cubic space. The master  insurance hazard policy  provides coverage under a bare walls form, which is what our CC&R’s call for.  This means, in the event of loss or damage to your building, the association's policy  will not pay to repair or replace items that are a part of a unit’s interior property. These items include­ but are not limited to: appliances, cabinetry, fixtures, floor covering, wall covering, ceiling fixtures, personal possessions and damage from water. Furthermore, these items excluded in the bare walls coverage form of the master policy, can and should be added to your personal condominium insurance policy under additions and alterations. A Personal Condominium Insurance Policy is needed not only for your own property but also to protect you from damage you may cause to an adjoining condo, (one example maybe a water leak in your home that seeps into an adjoining condo.  Please contact your agent or contact our Insurance agent for details and cost: