We hope you enjoy living in our complex.  We'd like to familiarize you with some of our rules/regulations since you may not have had time to read the CC & R's-or if you are renting, you may not have received a copy of them.



1.  NONE of the following are permitted:

                a. Clotheslines

                b. Outside visible antenna of ANY type not in compliance with FCC Regulations.

                c. Rubbish or garbage accumulation or any other fire hazard

                d. Unsightly objects or nuisances

               e. No cable lines on home or fence which are visible from the street

f.  Smoking debris should not be discarded in the common areas

2. All equipment, garbage cans, woodpiles, trunks, boxes, etc. must be kept INSIDE the townhouse, garage or patio and must not be visible from the common area.  NONE of the above are permitted in ANY carport. 

3.  All trash and garbage must be kept INSIDE the patio area or garage until the evening before collection day (Tues. & Fri.).  Receptacles should be promptly removed from view of the common area after pickup.  Trash cans may NOT be stored in carports.  We suggest using plastic trash bags in preference to cans.

4. No structure can be erected inside the patio area that exceeds the height of the patio fence.

5. No painting, decorating or otherwise changing the appearance of any portion of the exterior is allowed, WITHOUT BOARD APPROVAL  This includes exterior lighting and awnings.

6. No alterations or additions may be made to any building without PRIOR permission from the Board of Directors.  All requests must be made in writing and be accompanied by a sketch or copy of the proposed plans.

7.  ONE "For Sale" or "For Rent" sign is allowed per townhouse.

8.  Cats Claw Vine is not permitted on buildings.

9. Do not plant next to condo building walls. You will be held responsible for any resultant damage.



1. NO PARKING  is allowed at any time in the fire lanes (red lines).  This is for everyone's safety and the law.  You must allow access for fire, police and ambulance vehicles.  Please observe this very important rule.

2. All boats and campers must be kept inside garages or under carports.  Under no circumstances may they be kept in the common elements.

3. All vehicles exceeding 3/4 ton are completely prohibited from the premises.

4. In the event of moving, the back gate may be opened to allow moving vans easier access.  Place make such requests at least a day prior to your moving day to any board member.

5.  Because of lack of visitor parking, NO GARAGE SALES are permitted.



1. Pets must be kept inside the townhouse or inside the patio fence. 

2. All dogs MUST be kept on a leash when walking in the common areas.

3. NO PETS are allowed in the pool area.

4. PLEASE CLEAN UP AFTER YOUR PET...inside AND outside of your patio.

5. Be considerate of your neighbors and do not allow excess barking.



1. Pool gate MUST be kept closed and locked at all times.

2. Children under 16 MUST be accompanied by an adult.

3. No glass items are allowed inside the pool area.  Animals are also prohibited from the pool area.

4. Observe common safety rules--and no running around the pool.

5. Be considerate of others using the pool area.

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We have a fining program whereby offenders are fined when not in compliance with our CC&R’s.


Each owner is responsible for keeping the his/her chimney clean and free of vines.


The Association sprays the exterior of the complex monthly.  If you would like the inside of your individual unit sprayed, call (602) 544-0515 to make arrangements.  There is a charge of $10.00.


BEFORE calling the local cable company for installation, contact Katherine Pyle (480.720.9021)  to insure the installation is done in compliance with the CC & R's.


The Association insurance is meant to be a catastrophic insurance policy which covers the common elements and those parts of the buildings for which it is responsible.  Each individual should obtain a personal condo policy to cover casualty, theft and property damage within the surrounds of his/her own cubic space. The master  insurance hazard policy  provides coverage under a bare walls form, which is what our CC&R’s call for.  This means, in the event of loss or damage to your building, the association's policy  will not pay to repair or replace items that are a part of a unit’s interior property. These items include­ but are not limited to: appliances, cabinetry, fixtures, floor covering, wall covering, ceiling fixtures, personal possessions and damage from water. Furthermore, these items excluded in the bare walls coverage form of the master policy, can and should be added to your personal condominium insurance policy under additions and alterations. A Personal Condominium Insurance Policy is needed not only for your own property but also to protect you from damage you may cause to an adjoining condo, (one example maybe a water leak in your home that seeps into an adjoining condo. If you feel you have an insurance claim you should contact the HOA and your personal condo insurance provider. The Association hazard insurance policy is meant to be a catastrophic insurance policy. Claims against it  can only be submitted through the HOA, therefore if you have a claim you need to contact the HOA at 480.720.9021.  If a claim is instituted for your condo through the HOA Master Policy you will be responsible for the $1000 deductible and any amounts the HOA policy will not cover.


1. Each owner/resident is responsible for all maintenance inside his/her patio fence, including trimming.

2. Each owner is liable for the expense of any repair or replacement necessary to the common elements resulting from an act of negligence by any member of his/her family, guests or lessees.

3. Entire townhomes may be rented to a family.  No rooms may be rented.

4. No business activity may be conducted from any townhouse.

5. Promptly report to any Board member any need for repair for which the Association is responsible (sprinklers, street lighting, fences, landscaping, etc.).


Dues are $175.00 per month and must be paid one month in advance on the first of each month and become delinquent after the 10th of the month. Late fees are $15. If an owner becomes 3 months in arrears the Association will file a lien on the homeowner.  Lien filing and removal costs will also be charged to the homeowner.. Mail dues to 747EBHRA, 5840 N 8th Place, Phoenix, AZ 85014.


We all hope that living in the 747 EBHRA complex will be a pleasant experience.  Townhouse living necessitates that we all abide by the rules and have consideration for our neighbors.  We hope this synopsis of our rules will help you. Also stop by our website for more information    www.747EBHRA.com   .

Also send an email to admin@747ebhra.com if you would like to receive minutes via email or if you have any other questions.


Should you have reason to contact a Board member, the current Board is:



Katherine Pyle, President        480-720-9021     

Nikki Baker, Secretary and Treasurer     602-432-2986     

Sylvia Kozluk, Vice President     602-882-1040



In order to assure that all of our residents are informed of the general rules, the Board requests that all owner/renters read the above rules, then sign the receipt below and return it to a Board Member or mail it to  747 EBHRA,  5840 N 8th Place, Phoenix, AZ 85014.  Again, WELCOME TO 747 EBHRA.




I have read and understand the synopsis of the general rules for the 747 East Bethany Home Road townhouse complex.




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OPTIONAL INFORMATION:  (retained only by the Board for safety and security reasons)


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Cell Phone ________________________________


Notify in Case of Emergency__________________________________________________________________